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Detecting and fixing Custom Issues in watchOS apps.

Custom Issues in watchOS apps

What are Custom Issues in watchOS apps?

Custom issues in watchOS apps refer to any fail conditions that can be anticipated by the developer during the app development process. These issues can be unique to the specific app and may not be covered by the standard set of error handling mechanisms provided by the watchOS framework.

To report such custom issues in watchOS apps, developers can utilize a single line API provided within the framework, allowing them to effectively monitor, diagnose, and address these unique problems as they arise.

Reasons for Custom Issues in watchOS apps

The reasons for custom issues in watchOS apps can vary widely, as they are typically unique to the specific app and its functionality. Some common examples of custom issues include payment failures, login errors, unexpected user input, and issues with third-party integrations.

These issues can arise due to a variety of factors, such as programming errors, unhandled edge cases, or compatibility issues between different software components. It is essential for developers to anticipate and handle these custom issues effectively to ensure a smooth user experience and maintain the overall quality of their watchOS apps.

How do we use the information in the screenshot to fix Custom Issues in watchOS apps?

The issue report will contain a description and detailed explanation of the issue, as set by the developer. This, along with the activity trail, will provide the necessary data points to identify and fix the issues.