Mobile app developer fixing bugs

Detect bugs in iOS & Android mobile apps, watchOS apps.

  • Find bugs in mobile apps and watchOS apps in development and in production.
  • Detect memory leaks, crashes, API issues, ANR, frame rate issues, exceptions, functional issues and custom issues.
  • Report bugs in realtime.
  • Low memory and size footprint.
  • Available for Swift, Objective-C, Java and Kotlin.
Mobile App Developer fixing bugs

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Why use Finotes?

Auto detect bugs from mobile apps

Auto Detect Bugs

70% of bugs in live mobile apps go undetected. Finotes does realtime reporting of bugs and ensures no bug goes undetected.
Minimise Bug Fixing Time

Minimise Bug Fixing Time

With data rich bug report and collective intelligence, Finotes helps you conduct a faster and effective Root Cause Analysis.
Mobile app QA

Easier QA and Testing

Bug occurrences are grouped into tickets by bug type, app version and place of occurrence. This helps in better tracking of bugs by QA.

Capture bugs in production, development and testing

Identify Memory Leaks

Memory Leaks

Detect memory leaks and identifies the exact leaking object.
Identify Memory Leaks

Abnormal Memory Usage

Track memory usage and reports when the usage goes higher than normal.
Monitor Network Failures

Network Failures

Track API calls over http / https and observe error status codes and delays.
Track Crucial Features

Feature Failure

Track multiple function calls that execute in a sequence to observe potential feature breaks.
Report Custom Issue

Custom Issues

Report issues that you anticipate in your app.
Capture App Crashes

App Crashes

Capture App crashes with stacktraces and activity trail.
Observe Key Functions

Function Failure

Track functions by observing the parameters and return values, execution time and exceptions.
Frame Rate Issues

Frame Rate Issues

Track UI issues caused by frame skip or delay.
App Not Responding


Report frozen screens that lead to App Not Responding situations
Observe Key Functions

Screen load delays

Track screen laoding speed and report any delays.

Integrate with tools you use

Jira Integration
Bitbucket Integration
Slack Integration

Some of our happy customers


Some of our happy customers.

"Finotes is a great tool for developers to detect bugs. At Aisle, we were able to gather enough data to be able to fix some critical issues which were otherwise unidentified in our mobile app."

Able Joseph of Aisle

Able Joseph
Founder, Aisle
"Finding bugs in mobile apps now got a lot faster and efficient with more data letting us smartly go about issues without comprising on performance and data security. I recommend Finotes."

Aneesh of eKaart

Founder, eKaart

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