Detect bugs in iOS, Android & watchOS apps.

Capture Memory leaks, ANR, App Hangs, Frame rate issues, Frozen frames, HTTP issues, Exceptions, Screen load delays, Crashes and more.
Works seamlessly in  developmenttesting and  live phases.

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Finotes Dart Plugin for Flutter is now in Closed Beta.
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Mobile APM & App Testing made simple.

  • Detect bugs in development, testing and production phases.
  • Report memory leaks, crashes, HTTP issues, ANR, frame rate issues, exceptions, screen load delays and functional issues.
  • Report bugs from mobile apps in realtime.
  • APM for mobile apps.
  • In-depth analysis of bugs.
  • Collect all data required to reproduce bugs faster.
  • Android SDK available for Java and Kotlin.
  • iOS and watchOS frameworks available for Objective-C and Swift.
  • Low memory and size footprint, low bandwidth usage.
  • Simple and fast integration.

Why use Finotes?

Enable apps to detect bugs

70% of bugs in live mobile apps go undetected. Finotes does realtime reporting of bugs and ensures no bug goes undetected.

Faster and efficient QA

Faster and effective detection of bugs coupled with detailed bug reports help in improving efficiency of QA.

Minimise bug fixing time

With data rich bug report and collective intelligence, Finotes helps you conduct a faster and effective Root Cause Analysis.

Capture bugs in production, development and testing

Memory leaks

Detect memory leaks and identifies the exact leaking object.

Abnormal memory usage

Track memory usage and reports when the usage goes higher than normal.

HTTP API errors

Track API calls over http / https and observe error status codes and delays.

Feature failure

Track multiple function calls that execute in a sequence to observe potential feature breaks.

Custom issues

Report issues that you anticipate in your app.

App crashes

Report app crashes with stacktraces and activity trail.

Function failure

Track functions by observing the parameters and return values, execution time and exceptions.

Frame rate issues

Track UI issues caused by frame skip, delay, frozen frames and slow frames.


Report frozen screens that lead to App Not Responding (ANR) situations

Screen load delays

Track screen loading speed and report any delays.


Catch and report exceptions, with complete stacktrace.

Some of the 1000+ apps using Finotes.

Air Asia
Akasa Airlines
Go Air

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Android SDK

Detect bugs in android apps. The SDK is available in Java and Kotlin with easy integration using Gradle.

Android SDK

iOS Framework

Detect bugs in iOS apps. Finotes framework for iOS apps is available for Swift and Objective-C with easy integration using coco-pods.

iOS framework

watchOS Framework

Detect bugs in watchOS apps. Finotes framework for watchOS apps is available for Swift and Objective-C with easy integration using coco-pods.

watchOS framework

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