Find and report bugs in Android apps.

Reproduce and fix bugs faster.

  • Available for Java and Kotlin.
  • Simple gradle integration.
  • Peak memory usage of less than 1.7KB.
  • Delta added to APK size is only 64KB.
  • Extra capabilities in debug mode.
  • Application performance monitoring with low bandwidth usage.

14 days free trial.

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Memory leak in live apps

Report memory leaks in live Android app

In live Android apps, the actvity / service where leaks occur are identified and reported along with activity trail.
memory leak in development mode

Report memory leaks in Android apps during development and testing

Once the live Android app reports leak from an activity or service, the developer can follow the steps as per activity trail and reproduce the issue in development environment. In development environment, exact object that causes leak is identified and reported.
memory leak
HTTP bug

Monitor HTTP API issues in Android Apps

Captures API call issues over http / https. Response that indicate a failure, delayed responses, No responses are captured.

Bug report contains request body, response body, request and response headers, and the full URL with parameters for easy root cause analysis.
memory issues

Identify high memory usage in Android apps

High memory usage is reported when the Android app consumes more than 60% of allocated memory.

Bug report contains activity trial with memory usage pattern along with other device and device state information to help developers reproduce the bug.
memory issues
monitor crucila feature

Track crucial features in Android apps

Multiple functions can be chained asynchronously using Finotes to track if a functions is called after another or if there is any delay between function call. This lets you track unsuccessful execution of the feature.

Reports feature failure with function parameters, activity trail with memory usage pattern, device info and state info necessary to reproduce the bug.
Observe Key Functions

Observe key functions in Android apps

Reports bug in-case of a wrong return value or when an exception gets thrown in that function or when there is a delay in execution.

Captures function parameters, stack traces, activity trail with memory usage pattern and return values.
Observe Key Functions
raise custom issues

Report custom issues in Android apps

Gives the flexibility to report custom exceptions and condition check failures with custom messages.

Captures stack traces, activity trail with memory usage pattern along with device info and state.
app crashes

Report Android app crashes

Report all app crashes with deep insight to find the causation. Extract the exact lines of code at which the crash occured from the crash report.

Crash report contains stack traces, activity trail with memory usage pattern, device info and state.
app crashes
raise ANR issues

Reporting ANR bugs in Android apps

If any frames get skipped due to blockage of UI Thread, it will be reported in development and testing phase.
screen load delays

Report screen load delay in Android apps

Screen load delays will create bad user experience. If any such delay happen, it will be reported.
screen load delays

Reproduce bugs accurately with more data points

Intelligently find commonalities across occurrences for faster RCA
Android error insights
A chronological list of activities and events each mapped with its memory usage
activity trail
Trace back to the exact line of code where the bug occured
stack trace
Get complete network request and response data
network parameters
Complete information about the device and the state of the device at the time of bug occurence
device and device state info
Parameter and data type of the parameters of the function being tracked.
function parameters


Finotes framework for iOS apps is available for Swift and Objective-C with easy integration using coco-pods.

iOS framework


Finotes framework for watchOS apps is available for Swift and Objective-C with easy integration using coco-pods.

watchOS framework