Finotes detects bugs in mobile apps

Detecting and fixing custom issues in Flutter apps.

Custom issues in Flutter apps

What are Custom issues in Flutter apps?

Custom issues are specific to each individual application and are determined by the developer based on their knowledge of the codebase and the expected user interactions.

These issues are fail conditions that are explicitly defined by the developer in anticipation of potential pitfalls or problems that could occur during the application's operation.

In Flutter apps, a single line API provided by the Finotes plugin allows developers to report such issues as they happen, making it easier to monitor and troubleshoot problems.

Reasons for Custom issues in Flutter apps

Custom issues in Flutter apps are a broad category that can encompass a variety of different problems, as defined by the app's developer.

For instance, these issues could be related to transactional processes such as payment failures where the transaction isn't successfully completed, possibly due to a network error, insufficient balance, or a failed connection with the payment gateway.

On the other hand, they could also be associated with authentication processes, such as login errors where a user fails to access their account due to incorrect credentials, account suspension, or server issues preventing authentication.

How do we use the information in the screenshot to fix Custom issues in Flutter apps?

The issue report includes a description and a detailed account of the problem, as defined by the developer.

Together with the activity trail, this report offers valuable insights, enabling developers to pinpoint and address the issues effectively.