Finotes detects bugs in mobile apps

Detecting and fixing Feature Issues in Android apps.

Feature issues in Android apps

What are Feature Issues in Android apps?

Crucial feature issues in Android applications occur when a critical feature of the app fails to function properly, causing significant impact on the user experience. Examples of such features include payment processing, account login, or data retrieval.

The ability to track crucial features is available in Finotes SDK. This is done by monitoring the start and end functions of a feature. If any of the feature fails to complete the execution, it will be reported to the dashboard, providing developers with valuable insights into which features are causing issues and need to be addressed.

Reasons for Feature Issues in Android apps

Crucial feature issues in Android applications can occur due to various reasons, such as:

How do we use the information in the screenshot to fix Feature Issues in Android apps?

An issue report for crucial feature issues in Android applications typically includes the name of the invoked function that was not executed, along with the parameters passed to the first function. In addition, the report may include an activity trail that provides chronological information about the events leading up to the issue.

Developers can set custom markers at different points in the feature execution to add granularity to the activity trail and help identify the point of failure more quickly.